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Forensic and Litigation Support Services

Planning is the cornerstone of financial success and the catalyst for global business expansion.
We specialize in designing optimum tax and asset planning scheme for corporations and individuals, in order to minimize risks, preserve profits and wealth. Moreover, we drill in the latest development of offshore jurisdictions and planning vehicles, which enable us in advising our clients with the most advantageous international structures and transactions. 

Our Insolvency Practise

Mr. Horace Ho is liquidator and provisional liquidator of over 200 cases of Court Winding Up and Creditors Winding Up. Besides Liquidation of Hong Kong Companies, we are also experienced liquidators of offshore companies.

We are experienced in locating and tracing assets in China. With the support of associates in the Mainland China, we have solid experience in tracing assets located in the Mainland China which contain a substantial part of assets in most cases. We can response to yours needs more effectively and efficiently.

We provide services in

  • Engaging as liquidators / provisional liquidators of all types of liquidations

  • Asset tracing

  • Insolvency advisory and pre-liquidation advising.

We can offer solutions and advice to shareholders, directors, companies and their creditors.

We also distinguished ourselves by the fact that  all our staff are graduates in either accounting or laws. 

Our professionals are trained in insolvency specialist services, holding or studying in Diploma of Insolvency / Certificate of Insolvency (organised by the Hong Kong Institute of Certified Public Accountants). 

Our partners frequently delivered seminar and speeches to lawyers and accountants who are interested in insolvency practise.

Forensic Services

We distinguish ourselves in not only providing report with a financial perspective. With the backup of a team of qualified accountants, we are able to provide forensic accounting from case preparation to asset tracing. 

Our services

  • Fraud investigation

  • System review for fraud prevention and detection.

  • Expert witness (Attendance before Court)

Expert Services for Mitigation, Arbitration and Litigation

Our Forensic and Litigation Support Services are designed to help law firms, counsels, consultancy firms, CPA firms and their clients to deal with and resolve complex commercial disputes, for example:

  • Expert report regarding the management and financial position of the company for shareholder dispute

  • Valuation of equity (corporation, partnership, business, goodwill)

  • Report for resolving partnership and JV disputes,

  • Report for insurance claims assessment

  • Report for resolving marriage dispute (Form E)

  • Insolvency assessment report

  • Personal wealth statement for estate purpose or for tax planning purposes

  • Accounts receivable recoverability report

  • Due diligent report (on corporation or individual)

In most shareholder dispute litigations, those who fully understand the financial and accounting situations of the Company will no doubt have a competitive edge.

With more than 28 years dispute consulting experience, our professionals have a solid track record of assisting lawyers in comprehending and interpreting intricate financial and economic issues. We can review relevant documentation to form an initial assessment of the case and identify areas of loss.

In most cases, clients would like to resolve their shareholder disputes through other channels before they embark on the expensive and stressful procedures of litigation. We can act as independent consultants to advise on the possible options and strategies, and can provide valuation on shares which is crucial in the settlement process.




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