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Our internationally qualified accountants and professionals provide assurance services to our clients who demand quality and efficiency. We work closely with many international accounting firms and law firms to service their clients. Our success is based on two policies: 

  • We maintain a high level of qualified personnel in our team.

  • We are capable of undertaking engagement in any part of Greater China (China, Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan) as well as other places of the world at very short notice.

  • We are experienced in undertaking assignment which is geographically diverse.

Because of the background of our clients, we are trained to not only consider our legal requirements but to consider the need of the client as a whole, as a member of an international group of companies. We are well experienced in cooperating and working as a team member of internationally teams of professionals in, for example, worldwide IPO, forensic and insolvency services, consolidation of financial statements. We have been trained to meet deadlines for international projects .

Qualified and Experienced Professionals

Our partners and senior management are professionals serving the greater China region for over twenty nine years. We are a team of dynamic and proactive specialists with international perspective and expertise. We offer value-added services to professional advisors in meeting their clients needs.

We maintain a very high proportion of qualified person. Up to 60% of our staff has professional qualifications or professional degrees. 15% of our staff has post-graduate (Master) degrees.

We have three Certified Public Accountants holding practising certificates in Hong Kong.

International Clientele, Regional Experience

We distinguish ourselves by the fact that over 80% of our clients are international / regional enterprises. Since we have an international clientele engaged in a wide range of industries, our professionals are experienced in handling statutory compliance and assurance services in multi-jurisdictional accounting standards, multi-currencies consolidation.



Work Experience

Our experience in assurance services is very diverse.

Fist of all, we are a PCAOB registered audit firm in Hong Kong which enables us to carry out auditing works for US listed companies.

We are an experienced forensic accounting services firm, and can provide expert report in financial and accounting matters as well as valuation of companies and equitable assets. [See Forensic and Restructuring Services]

Because of the clientele we served, and because of the previous exposure of our firm's professionals in various extra-ordinary projects, we can offer the following services

  •  Conversion of among various GAAPs and International Accounting Standards ( US, UK, Taiwan, Hong Kong, China)

  •  multi-jurisdictional and multi-currencies consolidation of financial statements of diverse group of investing companies and its production subsidiaries in various jurisdictions applying various GAAPs.

  • Pre-IPO assessment services and financial due diligent services.

  • Preparation of various professional assurance statutory reports , for example S304(5) report of Hong Kong company for dividend purpose.

  • Various types of assessment reports and wealth statements, for example, insolvency assessment report, personal wealth statement for estate purpose, [See Forensic and Restructuring Services]

  • Expert Report for Litigation, Mitigation and Arbitration, for example, report for resolving marriage dispute, report for resolving partnership and JV disputes, report for insurance claims. [See Forensic and Restructuring Services]

And of course, we do statutory audit for Hong Kong companies as well as audit for companies in other jurisdictions.

We can prepare report in English and Chinese.



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Zhen Hui Certified Public Accountants

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