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Business Processes Outsourcing  Services

We can provide a comprehensive range of business process outsourcing (BPO) services in the Greater China region. By outsourcing, your clients can focus on their core business and therefore can achieve substantial cost savings and maximize profits. We distinguish ourselves by:

  • Knowledge of regulations, accounting standards and practise in various jurisdictions

  • Can provide a "one-stop" services for inter-jurisdictions operating companies (e.g. a Hong Kong company holding a property in Shanghai)

  • Knowledge and experience in tailor-made BPO services that support virtual office operations.

  • Professionals who understand the operations of DTT among various jurisdictions.


Accounting & Financial Reporting Services

  • Bookkeeping and maintenance of accounting records.

  • Preparation of monthly, quarterly or annual statements.

  • Budget preparation, cash flow and financial management.

Human Resources Management

  • Arranging payroll, provident and retirement funds.

  • Preparing and filing of various tax returns.

Trade Services

  • Handling of billings and invoicing.

  • Issuance and negotiation of documentary credits.

  • Handling of import/export documentation and customs declarations.

Banking Services

  • Administration of onshore and offshore bank accounts and provision of bank signatories for client bank accounts.

  • Remittance monitoring and maintenance of bank account records.



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